About GA Wake Series

The Georgia Wake Series is a WWA sanctioned tour and state championship. The 4 stop tour features two boat events and two wake park events across the state of GA, world-class riding conditions and towboats, a format for riders of all skill levels, and the largest collection of prizes ever seen in GA wakeboarding.

Rules & Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I compete if I just started wakeboarding?
Absolutely. All of our classes are based on riding skill and age. Essentially, you will be competing against your peers. For example, a 9-year old rider who just learned to cross both wakes would not be competing against a 15-year old rider who can do 180's wake-to-wake nor will a 20 year old who just learned to hit kickers be competing against someone landing S-Bends at the cable.
How are my runs judged?
Our experienced judges use the WWA Freeride judging system, which is subjective format based on difficulty, variety, amplitude, style, creativity and fluidity.
What do I need to compete?
Just your board, life jacket, rope and handle. For the cable stops, you can leave your rope and handle at home, but don't forget your helmet! We'll take care of the rest.
Also, don't forget to sign your online waiver and to register for WWA Insurance. Without either, you will not be able to compete.
What are the benefits of competing?
Plenty! This is a great opportunity to put your riding to the test in premier conditions including the best wakeboard boats and some of the most progressive features. You'll also be competing for bragging rights, prizes, trophies and swag courtesy of our sponsors.
Do I have to ride in the entire series?
No, you can pick and choose your events you wish to compete. However, the more events you ride in, the more points you accumulate.
In order to qualify for the championship prizes, you have to compete in at least 3 of the 4 events or register for the entire series.